New Year Resolutions vs The Hoodies

Just got back to work after being on a little retreat. A retreat for a meditator is the best holiday you can give them, it was an opportunity to go deeper into the self and to emerge more positivity, to see what’s really in there and to enjoy the beauty, but you can’t stay on a retreat that’s not real life. It’s full of power to really get those positive inner cycles spinning, get the determination in place because…… when we get back to work guess what happens, we go into an atmosphere that empowers negativity (“The Hoodies”, worries, attachments, desires all of that stuff that is just buzzing in the atmosphere its as if it’s magnetic and pulls you, especially if you have been a regular contributor as it’s all lined up with your energy, ready to pull you back!)

OK so New Years Resolutions lets get them up here, the Hoodies aint gonna beat me, are they gonna beat you?

To take more “delight” in my attitude and my own awareness of my chosen state of being – happy, peaceful and loveful in relationship in my mind with what is a sticky word for some G-O-D, so I’ll call him “my abundant companion the source of peace love and happiness” (so my mind stays absorbed in being happy and enthused all the time instead of happy and enthused about what’s going on externally and all the ego of it, because when the chips are down, I’ll go down! And to be honest I find it can be a bit too repetitive dull and boring without an injection of real happiness. This is when I feel at my best and it in that allows my mind to stay free.

To stop getting caught up in stuff I don’t need to as it’s a waste of energy and pulls me away from the energy I want to be with (that controlling things outside – it’s all part of that). This is a big project just to recognise the stuff (like a whole bunch of additictions) then I need to keep applying a full stop in my mind and stepping back with a firm “No, that’s the past.”

To really, really go for creating and linking in with only positive thoughts – realisations to deepen are that I have everything inside me, so don’t have to worry about anything. Then to get sewing and reaping, sewing and reaping to smooth over those negative cycles of worry, concern, subtle tension about stuff – it’s only a habit! A fear of loosing, I have nothing to loose so my challenge this year is to apply that full stop to it so I can remain free from the Hoodies!
Choose do everything with love, because that’s when I feel at my best
Choose to say Yes to change, to “Be” so I am free to “Do” more! It’s all about what I sew I reap, and I want to realise this more and more so I reap the good stuff only!
Choose to make time to revise my notes more after my morning meditation class, this is one of the most beautiful parts of my day, so to really extract the butter will be the most nourishing thing I could possibly do for myself.
Choose to give this particular attention to what I am thinking in the evening, to make it powerful. I know what I can be like and I don’t know if you have noticed for yourself if you meditate but those Hoodies come out in the evening so it’s a time to create light and spread it so they all run away!

And finally!

To stop and revisit my aim again and again, during the day!

To stay on track got to keep a check:
What direction am I moving in? Is it positive, umlimited? If not…
Change direction to that of delight, aligned to my best and to my abundant friend and to the wonderful vision I know I am seen in and want to create for myself and everyone else, to create magnificent thoughts.

Ultimately I want to sparkle from inside out and to experience a lot, lot, lot of happiness that doesn’t have any limits!!!!

2008 has a beautiful ring to it doesn’t it!

To all the Hoodies out there, nothing personal it’s an anaology for the dark side of ones character (Got the Hood up so can’t see!)

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